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The Tesla Solar Roof is here & it’s more beautiful than we could have Imagined

We are proud to be the first Charleston, South Carolina Tesla Roof Certified installer. As a company driven by innovation and aesthetics, we were honored to that Tesla wanted Boss Energy to represent the Tesla Solar Roof for the Lowcountry. The Tesla Solar Roof is going to change the way we think about solar and will revolutionize the Charleston rooftop solar landscape. 

Tesla Solar Roof: Benefits


Single Source Warranty 

Bypass Strict HOA’s

Comparable Pricing

What is the Tesla Solar Roof

The Tesla Solar Roof is the latest and greatest in the evolution of the solar industry. It is an all-in-one solar + roofing solution that integrates solar panels into the actual roofing. This process is typically referred to as BIPV, or Building Integrated Photovoltaic (Solar). BIPV is when solar produces energy but also serves another purpose. This could be solar painted glass, solar carports, or in this case solar roofs. While the Tesla Solar Roof is the most well known BIPV on the market, BIPV is a proven technology that has been around for many many years. Tesla has taken this technology and made it available to all those who seek the most aesthetic solar option on the market. 

The Tesla Solar Roof is a water shedding roof which is most similar to a cedar shake roof in function. The solar tiles weave together effortless and blend in the solar so well that you wouldn’t even know it was there. 


Tesla solar roof is covered by a 25 year workmanship warranty. The panels have been tested to the highest hail and wind rating in the country so you can rest assure these roofs are built to last and last.

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