Factors to Consider When Hiring Electricians in Charleston, SC

When hiring an electrician in Charleston, SC, there are a variety of factors to consider which we will go over in this article today. These factors are not just for the Charleston area but are also valuable across the country. Many people are unsure about their options and go with the first one that they see when Googling. Obviously, this isn’t a great idea.

Let’s get started.

Length of Experience

While newer electricians may have more affordable rates, this doesn’t always mean a lower final price. With a lack of experience, electricians who charge 20% lower than average but then take 50% longer to do the job actually create an increase in price by about 17%. This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that those with less experience may cause serious harm to important structures and wires. But hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

Ask those who you are considering for work about their qualifications. Did you know that it takes 8,000 hours of work experience to become a general electrician? These hours are completed while in trade school and there are also a variety of exams that have to be completed. Most full-time apprentices complete 2,000 hours per year prior to becoming a general electrician in Charleston, SC.

References, Testimonials, and Ratings

Depending on where you are getting your information from about an electrical company, many provide the ability to view ratings. Be careful about looking at ratings that are built into someone’s website. While some of those ratings might be real, the problem lies in the fact that the owner of a website isn’t going to publish and show off the poor ratings that they have received.

Most companies do have these ratings and testimonials on their website, and that’s totally okay! Keep an eye out to see if there are third-party websites that also provide ratings through that company.

Asking for specific references is valuable. If they can say that ABC Company had a great experience with them, give ABC company a call and verify it. If they were really happy about their experience, they should have no problem talking about it.

Here are some questions to ask the references:

  • Did the price quote match the job, or did it change a lot at the end?
  • Did the contractor(s) show up on time and complete the job in a timely manner?
  • Have you experienced any issues following the job that would require more work to fix?

Honesty and Integrity About Pricing

Onto the deciding factor for the majority of us — price is everything. The last thing that we want to hear from our contractor is that they need to come back tomorrow and finish the job because it’s taking longer than expected.

While this is often unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances, professional electricians in Charleston, SC spend more time at the start of a job making sure that they understand everything and recognize potential obstacles to avoid time increases from happening to the best of their ability. This way, they can provide a more accurate price quote and time estimate from the start.

Be wary. There are many “professional” electricians who have unhonorable intentions when coming up with initial quotes to secure a job.

Attitude and Communication

This is one that many of us may not think much about, but it’s very important.

Nobody wants to work with contractors who aren’t friendly or show sloppy workmanship. Even if they get the job done just fine, the overall experience is diminished. The memory is one you may wish to forget and not hire the company again in the future.

Did they notify you if they were going to be late? When someone shows up late for a dinner you’re hosting, the courtesy is to have notice in advance, or at minimum for them to apologize sincerely at the door. It’s no different for a job. In fact, it’s even more important.

Even if you don’t know the fancy terminology about wiring and electrical work, being able to communicate your situation to the electrician is everything. A professional electrician will ask questions and will walk around with you looking at the job. Be careful of those who show up and try to just start working right away because they might have all the information that they need.

The Wrap Up

At Boss Energy, all of our electricians are seniors in the field, have maintained high feedback from clients, provide fair quotes, and are always honest about their abilities. When searching for “residential electricians near me”, look no further than Boss Energy.

Contact us today about your job and start the ideal business relationship.

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