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Residential Electrician Services in Charleston SC

Boss Energy is Charleston's premier residential electrician. At Boss Energy we take the extra steps to make sure your electrical system is safe and in proper working order and handled by a licensed residential electrician. We offer all customers a free electrical panel inspection and meter inspection with every electrical service call. We want to make sure that when we leave your home we have made sure that your major electrical components are safe and operating properly for your home.We are dedicated to serving the Lowcountry’s residential electrical needs across Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Downtown Charleston, North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island and Johns Island.
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Residential Electrician

When considering re-wiring a home, it is imperative use a trusted residential electrician specialist like Boss Energy. Since wiring is often not directly visible to you, it is crucial to ensure it is installed correctly in order to prevent safety hazards. Rewiring existing electric systems is often required if a home or business owner want to meet building codes or your structure has begun to show signs of electrical issues.

Signs Your Home Needs to Be Rewired
There are several symptoms of a need for rewiring with varying degrees of severity that home owners should pay attention to and hire a professional residential electrician:

  • Charred or discolored outlets
  • Fuses that trip or blow often
  • A burning smell or crackling coming from an outlet
  • Flickering or dimming of lights
  • Loose outlets
  • Electrical shock

Keeping an eye out for these symptoms is key to keeping your home or business safe. If you have noticed your electricity behaving strangely, it’s best to call a professional with experience in safe rewiring. Our certified residential electricians are trained to inspect wiring and determine if your current electrical system meet safety requirements. We are able to assess any issues that may be addressed by installing new wiring. We always discuss repair options with you in order to provide a solution that works best with your budget.

Benefits of Rewiring Older Homes
residential electrician Homes that predate the 1970s usually have outdated, unsafe electrical systems. These old systems are likely to have serious problems like an electrical short or fire. It’s important to pay special attention when living in an older home because our modern-day electrical devices use more power than what these older systems were intended to handle and are likely to cause issues. By rewiring your home, you’re taking proactive steps towards better protecting your property and your family from electric-related safety issues.

Other Benefits of Rewiring
If you choose to have your system rewired, it’s easy to notice a difference in performance and maintenance. It’s much easier to flick a switch on the circuit breaker than to replace a fuse. Your outlets won’t become overloaded or heat up when more than one electrical device is plugged in.

You’ll also save money after your new wiring is installed. Your new wiring will lower the cost of homeowner’s insurance by decreasing safety risks, increasing energy efficiency, and improve amperage.

Let us show you how we can help you with an residential electrician at Boss Energy, we are here for you! We are dedicated to serving the Lowcountry’s residential electrician in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Downtown, North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island and Johns Island SC.

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