Have you recently moved to a new home or are you having trouble with the electrical in your existing home? If you’re not sure how old the electrical wiring is, you may want to consider having your home rewired.

Old wiring can make it hazardous to run appliances and even turn on lights. If you want to make sure your family is safe and upgrade your wiring, then it’s time to hire electrical services to do the job.

Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of rewiring your home.

1. You’re in Control

If you’re planning on rewiring your home, then the great news is you get to pick your electrician. Being in control of hiring means you aren’t crossing your fingers that the last homeowners paid enough for a licensed, bonded, insured electrician.

You’re starting the project over, so you’re not leaving anything to chance.

That means you get to interview them and talk with the electric contractors about their experience and their ideas for your home. The decision is entirely in your hands, so you don’t have to trust anyone else to make sure that the job is done right. You can decide who’s doing it and whether they have the skills you want.

Here are some good questions to ask potential electricians:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you do more residential or commercial wiring?
  • Do you carry insurance? Are you licensed and bonded?
  • Can we call your references?

These are good ways to ensure that your electrician understands the scope of the work and who they are dealing with. You want to make sure they take you seriously and give you their best efforts.

2. Safety

The lifespan of electrical wiring for a home is about 20 years. If you don’t know when the last time your home was rewired, it might be time to get it done. When you rewire a home, you upgrade the circuits and the wiring so that you’re not in danger of an electrical fire.

Older systems can be faulty and dangerous. From shorts to animal damage, electrical systems do not last forever. The older they get, the more your family is at risk.

Faulty wiring can also damage your appliances. If you keep having breakers trip or disruptions in your electricity, it’s probably time to get it looked at. You should be able to run your appliances without any trouble. Make sure that your electrician knows which appliances you want to run at the same time, and ask if the new electrical wiring will be able to handle the load.

Electrical surges can damage and even ruin appliances. If this has happened to you, get the home rewired before you replace the appliances so it doesn’t happen again.

Your electrician will also install GFCI outlets to get the home up to code. These are specially designed to trip the breaker in less than a second if there is a ground fault. That prevents accidents and keeps your family safe.

3. Electrical Services from Alternate Sources

One of the best benefits of rewiring your home is that you can equip your home to use alternate energy sources. For example, if you want to enjoy all the great things about solar energy, then rewiring your home makes it easy to make the changes necessary. While it’s not a requirement, it does make the transition easier.

If you want to lower your energy bills and decrease your footprint, using alternate energy sources is the way to do it. You also earn money back in government incentives and increase the value of your property.

The maintenance costs associated with alternative energy sources are low. You won’t empty your bank account to care for your new energy systems. Not only that, but you can likely lower your home insurance costs when you let the insurance company know you have new wiring.

Some energy sources are even decorative. Different kinds of solar panels actually add to the appearance of your home, rather than detracting from it. Your roof shines in the sun without the clunky look you probably associate with this kind of energy solution.

4. Service Capacity

You get to improve the convenience of your electrical by a lot when you upgrade your electrical wiring. You can go from 100 amp service to 200 amp service. If your home is older, you may even have 60 amp service to start with. That’s not enough to handle the load from modern appliances and outlets.

When you change the service capacity, you can also add a bigger circuit breaker box, which means if you do improvements later on, you may have open boxes to add circuits.

Your electrician knows how to rewire a home, so you can ask them all these questions. Let them know about any improvements you may want to do, from adding a hot tub to installing central air. They can help you decide whether a circuit breaker box upgrade is necessary or helpful for your specific needs.

5. Resale Value

Not only does adding alternative energy sources increase the value of your home, but you also increase the value simply by upgrading the wiring. New wiring means that any family moving into your home will feel safer. They’ll have the same peace of mind you do because they’ll know they’re safe, and they’re willing to pay more for that assurance.

Save any paperwork you acquire that relates to residential electrical services. You can pass it on when you sell your home so that the new owners can contact the company if there are any problems. You may also have a warranty or certification from the electrical company, so you want to make sure the new owners have access to that.

Investing in Safety

One of the best ways to invest in your home is by rewiring it. Upgrading the electrical services gives you home better safety and new life from the inside out.

Breathe easy when you know there aren’t any electrical risks, and pass on the value if you decide to sell your home. An investment at home is an investment for your future.

Book online today and start the process of rewiring your home!

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