Boss Energy Completes Landmark Tesla Solar Roof Project

SUMMARY: Boss Energy, a solar and electrical services company serving the greater Charleston region, recently successfully completed a very large Tesla Solar Roof installation project that illustrates the benefits and power of this groundbreaking system. As the first and currently only company in South Carolina to be certified as a Tesla Solar Roof installer, Boss Energy is very pleased with the outcome of this massive project and is extremely optimistic about the future of solar energy in the residential market in our state.


Boss Energy is headquartered in North Charleston, South Carolina. The company specializes in providing traditional electrical services as well as installation and service for state-of-the-art solar power infrastructure. A recent Tesla Solar Roof installation project within one of South Carolina’s most prestigious communities represents a milestone in both Boss Energy’s journey as well as the state of South Carolina’s increasing utilization of solar energy in the residential space.

The project consisted of installing over 9,000 square feet of Tesla Solar panels on the roof of a 6,000 square foot home located in the Yeamans Hall Club, just north of Charleson, SC. One of the largest solar arrays in the state, the completed installation will generate 23,500 kilowatt-hours of energy, sufficient for powering the entire home.

The energy collected by the Tesla Solar Roof is stored in four Tesla Powerwall units. This unobtrusive, highly flexible energy storage system, specially designed to function with the Tesla Solar Roof, can be calibrated according to the homeowner’s needs to power the home’s electrical system immediately, store power for use during periods high demand on the local grid, or store power as a backup source in the case of a power outage. These changes are easily managed by way of an app, which gives the homeowner complete control of the management of their home’s solar energy production.

In addition to being highly efficient, the Tesla Solar Roof is incredibly attractive and integrates with the rest of the home’s design. Replacing the traditional solar panels mounted on top of existing roofing, the Tesla system consists of actual roofing tiles that are also far more durable than shingles and other traditional roofing materials. This preserves the aesthetics of the home’s architecture while providing the important cost and environmental benefits of going solar.

Boss Energy was the first electrical services provider in the state of South Carolina to become certified in the installation of the Tesla Solar Roof system. At time of writing, Boss is the only certified installer in the state.

The solar experts at Boss Energy are very excited about what the future holds for green energy in the Palmetto State, and they are optimistic that more homeowners across South Carolina will take advantage of the benefits that the Tesla Solar Roof offers. Those interested in learning more about this unique system, traditional solar panel installation, and current programs in place to provide financial assistance for going solar can get in touch with Boss Energy through their website,

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