Boss Energy Becomes Certified Tesla Solar Panel Installer

SUMMARY: Boss Energy, an electrician and solar services provider headquartered in the Charleston region of South Carolina, is now a certified installer of Tesla solar panel products. This certification represents a valuable resource for customers throughout the region who are interested in adding an industry-leading solar energy collection and storage system to their home. Tesla’s Solar Roof and solar panel options are designed to not only efficiently capture the abundant energy of the sun’s rays, but also to preserve the quality and service life of roofing materials. The entire Tesla solar ecosystem, installed by Boss Energy, is a powerful tool for homeowners looking to take full advantage of the benefits of solar.


Boss Energy, a company well known to customers throughout Charleston and the surrounding area for expert, dependable electrical services and traditional solar panel installation, is proud to announce that it is now a certified installer of Tesla solar products. These products, which are all part of the Tesla solar “ecosystem,” include the Tesla Solar Roof, solar panels, and Powerwall energy storage, which connects seamlessly with the Tesla car charging system.

Tesla’s solar panels differ significantly from traditional solar panel products in important ways. The system is carefully designed with attention to preserving the quality of existing roofing materials, requiring 30% less penetration of shingles/other roofing infrastructure during the mounting process and minimizing the potential for debris to collect on the roof through sleek, tightly interlocking components. Tesla roof panel installation also includes sealant to protect against leaks and a 25-year comprehensive performance warranty.

Tesla roof mounted solar panels are also created with aesthetics in mind. The black panels are housed in a smooth frame that mounts closely to the roof, for a low-profile, appealing look that adds to the attractiveness of the home rather than detracting from it. Homeowners interested in exploring the differences between traditional solar installations and the Tesla system can get in touch with Boss Energy to view examples and to learn about past successful projects in the Charleston area.

The Tesla Solar Roof and solar panel systems are designed to function seamlessly with the Tesla solar ecosystem, a comprehensive set of tools that allows a home to use power converted from the sun’s rays as efficiently as possible. When linked with Tesla’s Powerwall energy storage units, the solar panels can send power directly to the home’s appliances, return it to the local grid for a discount on the monthly electricity bill, or store it as backup power in the event of a power outage. These and other power usage options are easily controlled by the homeowner by way of an integrated app, giving the customer even more ability to save money and increase the energy efficiency of their home.

Boss Energy is proud to offer certified Tesla installation to South Carolina customers, and their experts are ready to explain additional benefits, features, and answers to project-specific questions that potential customers may have. Interested homeowners can find more information at

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